The Value of Time

We’ve all heard the old adages about Time, such as “Time is Money”, “Once you lose it (time), you can never get it back”, and my personal favorite “punching the clock”. While many of these hold true in certain context, they really seem negative. I mean, are you so angry or disgruntled with what you do that you are physically hitting a clock. I hope not, but if so what does that say about your daily activities? For the past few weeks while I have been traveling around Seattle doing my Personal Chef’ing and Catering, I have been thinking about how I use my time, and how that may differ from how some of the people I look up to use their time. Here is what I understand so far. Time has a value t

Memorial Day & National Remembrance Act

Heading into this Memorial Day, we @ Seattle Chef Joe would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to all whom currently, and have previously served in the military! We hope that at some point over the course of this weekend you get time with your family and loved ones. We would also like to remind folks that this National Holiday is more than an excuse to BBQ, and that the National Remembrance Act is the very least we can do to support our troops. Basically it asks that at 3 pm on Memorial Day, you give 1 minute of silence to honor those who have died in service to the nation. Please set your reminders and join us at 3pm on Memorial Day to remember those who have made it possible for us to

Rice Oil and You.

Many of you have asked why I use Rice Oil for Cooking, and where to buy it. Well folks, I am here to answer your dreams. I buy mine online Here, however if you are around Seattle, go to ChefShop (on Elliot), and make sure to tell them Seattle Chef Joe sent you (& don’t forget to taste everything in the store!). BENEFITS OF RICE BRAN OIL: High Smoke Point: At 485 degrees, it is higher than either peanut oil or grapeseed oil, preventing fatty acid breakdown at high temperatures. Its light viscosity allows less oil to be absorbed in cooking, thereby reducing overall calories - many of our chefs have reported using about half the cooking oil they used to use, due to the fact that Rice Bran oil


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