Common Cents

One of the most common misconceptions that I run across since starting my Personal Chef & Catering Business, is that you have to be extremely rich to have a Personal Chef cook your meals for you. While that doesn't hurt in most aspects of life, I'm here to tell you that is not the case.

Who are the majority of my clients? You are!

Most of my Weekly Meal Clients are too busy busting their butt at work, then running to their children's school functions, then finishing up whatever else they need to be ready for the next day, that they do not have the Time, Energy, Patience, or in some cases the Desire. I give them back time in their day by Planning the meals, Shopping, Driving to their house to Cook the meals, then I do a quick clean of the kitchen, and back on the road until the next week.

I am happy to provide this service for a variety of reasons, but here are just a few I continually narrow it down to:

  1. I believe we are meant to enjoy our time here, and if I can ease your frustrations and give you some free time to relax, then by all means call me!

  2. I have worked in an industry with more food allergies than any other chef I have ever known. So when my clients come to me with their food restrictions, GAME ON!!! I know what it's like to be on both ends in the Restaurant with allergies. Let me bring you a restaurant designed around you, cooked in your kitchen to reduce the chance of cross contamination! Enough Said!

  3. Fast Food Adds Up! Whether you're talking price or pounds. We are constantly told that the diet or exercise program fails most of the time due to poor choices. Having a Personal Chef do your menu planning for you should help balance that back in your favor. You've heard of "Farm to Table"? Well I'm giving you Farm to Fridge!

The reason folks I have named this post Common Cents is to hopefully help everyone reading this understand that having a Personal Chef help with your Weekly Meals is a more "Common" thing than you may have previously thought. And you don't need to be Rich or Elite (although that does help) to do what makes "Cents".

Just for fun and to see how this may travel. For the next week after reading this, every time you come across something food related during your online travels, please hashtag it with #heat&eat.

And that's my Two Cents!