The Value of Time

We’ve all heard the old adages about Time, such as “Time is Money”, “Once you lose it (time), you can never get it back”, and my personal favorite “punching the clock”. While many of these hold true in certain context, they really seem negative. I mean, are you so angry or disgruntled with what you do that you are physically hitting a clock. I hope not, but if so what does that say about your daily activities?

For the past few weeks while I have been traveling around Seattle doing my Personal Chef’ing and Catering, I have been thinking about how I use my time, and how that may differ from how some of the people I look up to use their time. Here is what I understand so far.

Time has a value that we place on it. If we do not value what we are doing, then our association very well may be negative in relation to time. Simply put, if we are not passionate about what we are doing, then we are not serving ourselves or those around us correctly. I ask you to think about your typical day, and what you would change to make yourself be more engaged in your life. Next, how can you change that?

For example: If you do not enjoy cooking, look for options (perhaps a Personal Chef, hint, hint). Same with cleaning, taxes, yard work, or other tasks that draw you away from spending YOUR TIME the way you want.

I say this not as a commercial, but while studying other entrepreneurs, it seems to me that they understand what their time is worth, and how to delegate the tasks that do not bring them joy so they may focus on the tasks that do. When that happens I would say it is no longer a task they see, but an avenue of Passion for them to follow. This means that everything they do, they are focused and vitalized. They are engaged in their life.

I ask you to engage your life, and make today count because today only happens once!

-Seattle Chef Joe