Can a Personal Chef Help with New Years Resolutions?

Many folks this time of year are starting or renewing their gym membership, putting together their lists of what they can and can’t eat, and trying to squeeze every second of their day into making that work. Sound familiar?

Also, by the end of January a bunch of these people will be exhausted by the time they enter the grocery store, or even when they get home. You have squeezed the day so tight that you are having trouble finding time for yourselves, and your family; when it comes to preparing that fresh meal to fuel your day, this is where the home delivery companies make their bread & butter. Does this also sound familiar?

We at Seattle Chef Joe completely understand this feeling after years of running businesses for others, by the time we’d get home we would be running on empty, and frankly our diet was horrible. Over the last 2 years we have been working with many families on their diets, and working tirelessly to remove the stress of meals for said families. By capitalizing on our culinary experience, time management skills, and love for the freshest ingredients we help balance the odds of success back to your favor.

Here is the boiled down version of our Weekly, Bimonthly, or Monthly Service:

Planning: We work with you to design dishes that you & your family want based on your dietary needs. If you don’t like a proposed item, let us know and we’re happy to change it. Our goal is for you to get what you want, if not more.

Shopping: We shop where you prefer, and are quite diligent with the shopping. If you’d like to do the shopping, just let us know, and we’ll work up a shopping list to make it easier for you.

Travel/Cooking: We stop by on the date/time and prepare everything that was agreed on. Don’t be surprised if you hear singing to the ingredients or your pets, but be warned we won’t win a Grammy for it!

Packaging / Cleanup: We cool everything, put it in your containers, write a note, and clean up after ourselves. We do ask that you have an empty dish machine. This just ensures that we have utensils & cookware to use while preparing your meals.

So now you’re excited & saying “I Need This, How Much?”

We charge Groceries + Time. Time includes Planning, Shopping, Travel, Cooking, and Clean up.

Here are some FAQ’s for this service:

When can you start?

Generally within a week or two, depending on your location. We always scouting new Chefs with the same passion for service and ingredients, so rarely do we have a waiting list.

How much will my grocery bill be?

It depends on where you want us to shop and what ingredients you want. Since we are pretty skilled at shopping, it should never be more than it would be if you were doing the shopping. We’re just saving you time by going to the store for you. Also, during the service we write down Pantry Items that we notice you are getting low on and add them to the next shopping list. It is another way we try to give you time back in your day. Good ingredients cost money, Great ingredients cost more, and you pick what level of ingredients you want. We are always happy to send you a copy of the grocery bill.

What if I want to do the shopping myself?

Not a problem, just give us enough notice to put together a shopping list for you based around your next service.

How do you work with special dietary needs?

A lot of the different diets we try on ourselves. Seattle Chef Joe says “You wouldn’t want a Vegan cooking your steak!” The same is true with our service. How can we create something great without trying it?

How does the Cost compare to the Meal Delivery Services?

We are a bit more because we are more flexible. Other services offer you a take or leave it menu, and it is the same menu they send to all of their clients. They may or may not use top shelf ingredients, but are cooking batches of the same dish, which makes it easier to lower the cost. Seattle Chef Joe is a custom tailored service; we’re not trying to be the cheapest option, but rather the right option. We dedicate our time to each individuals needs in your household, and write menus to match.

Do I have to be home during the service?

Not unless you want to be. Often we let ourselves in, and prepare your meals without our clients being home. When you get home you will have meals in the fridge and a note listing what is there and wishing you a great week.

Do you offer cooking classes designed around different diets?

Yes we do. Most of our classes are written for the families that hire us, so the dishes are picked specifically for their needs. We are always working on finding locations to hold group cooking classes, and if you know of any space that would work, and you’d like to design a class, let us know.

How much are your cooking classes?

It depends on what we’re teaching (again the ingredient factor), but for planning about $200 - $500 and generally covers ingredients, time, and location (larger classes require a bigger kitchen, smaller are done in home).

I’m not sure if I have the right cookware, utensils, or spices, how do I know?

Most kitchens have plenty of the right ingredients (cookware, utensils, spices), however if we find ourselves consistently missing something, we’ll let you know. Again, we don’t want you spending money on things you won’t use.