'Tis the Season *cough*sneeze*cough

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Yes, it is the season… The season of sickness.

The University of Washington published a study in 2017 mentioning something I had always wondered. “Are those who dine out more likely to get sick”? Hence another reason my group of talented chefs stay busy (shameless promotion). They do mention it as putting folks at higher risk. Here is the link should you be interested: https://tinyurl.com/ychx4vo3

Another great resource HealthFitnessRevolution.com published a post back in 2016 about some other great Healthy benefits to cooking at home. Things like saving money or controlling allergies to potential for greater “family bonding”. I recommend taking a look at it: https://tinyurl.com/ybuosp45

Another great resource for prevention is WebMD.com. Here they published a great list to remind us of 6 simple ways to stay healthy.


So now it is time for us @ Seattle Chef Joe to do our part, and aside from washing our hands more than the ‘average bear’ or continuously disinfecting our equipment, we also are perfectly fine with skipping a week of service when we hear the word…. Fever…. Yes folks, while we will gladly wish you a speedy recovery or drop off a can a soup at your door and run, we wish to respect all of our families by not entering a home while a fever is present. It is just another way we can help to prevent spreading the crud to multiple homes.

All that being said, and us being a huge fans of Pho this time of year, please enjoy our recipe for quick Pho Broth.

Enjoy ~ SCJ


Quick Pho Broth

Serving Size: 4-5 People


64 Oz Chicken or Beef Broth (your choice, even bone broth)

5-6 Ea Star Anise

1 Ea Cinnamon Stick

1 Ea Ginger – Peeled and Grated

4 Ea Cloves or 1 tsp Ground Clove

½ tsp Cardamom or 1 pod lightly crushed

1 tsp Coriander Ground

1 Ea Onion – Thin Sliced

1 Ea Carrot – Medium Diced

5 Ea Green Onions – Sliced

1 Ea Serrano or Jalapeno – Sliced (I leave seeds in for heat)

2 Tbs Cilantro - Chopped

2 Tbs Thai Basil – Chopped

2 Ea Limes – Juice only

1 tsp Salt

½ tsp Black Pepper Ground

1 Tbs Avocado Oil


1. In a sauce pan, heat Avocado Oil, and Dried Spices just until they become fragrant over Medium High Heat. About 2 minutes or less.

2. Next add in the all the Fresh Ingredients and Sautee until they become brighter in color. About 2 minutes.

3. Next add in the Stock of choice and bring to a Simmer.

4. Simmer for about 10 minutes, or until flavors meld.

5. Remove the Star Anise, Cinnamon Stick, and Whole Cardamom Pod (if used).

6. Transfer to a Cup or Bowl for Consumption!

7. This Broth should last in the fridge about 6 days or so. Or freeze some the day you make it, and enjoy whenever you’d like.