Chef on the Go!

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Happy Thursday Everyone! Hoping you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

For the better part of 5 years I have been running around the Seattle Area cooking, assisting and helping out wherever possible. Mostly in your kitchens, sometimes onsite at Charities and also in some of the local camps. I have met a ton of great folks through these travels and had some fantastic conversations and overall experiences. Here some exciting changes to watch out for.

1. Charities and Camps – Yes, we still fully help out when we are able. That is a huge part of what the Seattle Chef Joe Brand was founded on. And we’ll have more on that later on this year with hopefully more exciting news.

2. In Home Meals – Still a very big part of what myself and my team is dedicated to on a Weekly and Daily basis. In fact I am slowly looking to add another Chef and a Scheduler to the team over the next year. If you are on the waitlist, apologies for the time frame, but whoever comes aboard must be a great fit!

That all looks normal, right. Here is where the mobile part comes in.

3. Mobile Paella Parties… Yes I said it. MOBILE! Over the years folks have enjoyed our Tapas & Paella Combo Parties, and this year I have the ability to create deliciousness almost anywhere you can think of. From on a Dock, to a field, to a campground, or even on the beach! Yes folks I dare you to dream it and challenge us to make it happen. Double Dog Dare Ya.

4. Dietary Coaching. Yes, you are hearing me correctly. Throughout the years I have gone up and down the dietary spectrum with folks. From Elimination to Glutinous and back again. The plan is simple.

  1. Every other week we will have a quick 15 minute chat about what is working and where you need help. If you need more we can figure that out as well.

  2. I will design a couple recipes each month for you to actually create in your kitchen.

  3. I will let you know the tips and tricks and great products that already exist to help you master your diet.

  4. There will be video recipes available to you.

I want to help you succeed with where you want to be in regard to your diet, whether we’re in the same time zone or not!

For a low monthly fee you get a Chef in your Corner. Let’s get you there!

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