The Cost of Free Advice

Alrighty folks, this blog has been a long time coming.

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Some People Like to talk:

We all know that fat people have some of the best diet advice. Don’t get defensive, I personally identify as fluffy, so I’m right there. My question becomes if they have some of the best diet advice, then why has it not worked for them? I mean they’ve read, studied, and tried things I cannot even begin to comprehend. From wife’s tales to straight up cellular science, and anything in between.

My answer is that they lacked 1 or more of the Mary K Image of Excellence Formula.

  1. Imagine yourself Successful.

  2. Reflect on your past Successes.

  3. Set Definite Goals.

  4. Respond Positively to Life.

Basically, you need to see yourself successful in order to become successful, especially when embarking on new roads. Once you envision yourself changed, you then need to use Consistent Action toward your Goals. I often say, “A thought without action is only a thought”.

Free Advice will leave you broke:

I have taken my fair share of bad advice from hobo’s to Industry Experts and everyone in between. I was taught to listen to my elders and folks that think they know, but after many setbacks I have boiled it down to 1 test when someone is spouting like a Gray Whale. Basically, calculate what it will cost to put their advice into action, and ask them to front that amount of money. If they believe in what they are saying, then it shouldn’t be an issue. You will see a lot of Subject Matter Experts and Consultants try to out talk you on this, so you forget the ask.

Here are my rules for following the Free Advice:

  1. What is the cost either way (to follow or not to follow)?

  2. Will the advice giver stand behind their words?

  3. Is the advice giver a talker or a doer?

  4. Remember your time is part of the cost and must be calculated.

At the end of the day I still say we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason, to listen more. I know that in the beginning of the year advice runs rampant and figured this guide may help someone.

People to listen to:

If you feel that you need some advice from a quality source, then here are a few folks that I know who might help:

  1. Caprice Pickett – Spark Something Coaching - Transformational Coaching

  2. Claire Jones – Clarification Coaching – Entrepreneur Coaching

  3. Tami Bensen – Intuitive Art Seattle – Inner Child, Inner Self and Intuition Coach

** Click on their company name to magically be transported to their site**

Here is some fun advice I’ve heard throughout the years:

  1. Squeaky wheel gets the oil – truthfully terrible advice, if you have to tell people how great you are, then are you?

  2. Dress for the day – I love this one, however I’m not always a snazzy dresser but appreciate when I see someone put together.

  3. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open – Yes!

  4. Pull my finger – Never!!!

  5. Listen to your Elders – sure but realize that some of them are insane.

  6. Don’t take the Brown Acid – always good advice.

  7. If you see a Bear and don’t have time to run away, hug it. Bears can’t scratch their stomach. – Someone please try this.

  8. To avoid embarrassment start beatboxing after you fart.

So I’ve shared some of my favorite advice given over the years. Please leave a comment on the FB & IG Page leave a comment of your favorite bad advice.

Happy February Folks!

Chef Joe