Build that Wall! A guide to Protesting.

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Today we have the most diverse group of Political and Social Leaders, yet the racial issue persists, so are they really governing for the people or simply governing the people?

Some of you have watched the video I posted shortly after the first George Floyd Protest happened, and to sum it up in the shortest way possible. How can a group of people who honestly have contributed and bled for this country not be treated like an average American? Why are names being added to a killed by police list every month or 2 and yet it doesn’t seem to be slowing down? Why are they not in control and leading their communities the way the community needs instead of by people who really do not care about the community? Why didn’t the Marches from the 60’s fix this? How can a system paid for by the people not represent or protect all the people?

These are all questions I can only theorize because let me go on record and say…. I can only speak for myself about my life and my limited view of the world. This is not an attempt to speak or judge anyone else.

However, let me say something to our fellow white protesters because as I look at Social Media and the News I can’t help but notice the majority clashing of protesters to cops seem to be when overly ambitious white protesters that get in an already high alert police officers way thinking that the conflict somehow proves they are helping. You are not, but here are some tips to help your fellow Americans:

wall, build the wall, protect, protest, blm, fix america, fix our streets

  • Build that Wall / Be that Wall – Let’s give our American Brothers and Sisters our numbers, strength, and support through Silent Stance between them and the Police. We don’t need to say a word, but rather Listen and be there to Support (this is the theme folks).

  • This is not our time to be on stage – Again, we can be the silent bouncers while our fellow Americans are on the stage grieving and fighting for their rights to do the same crap we do on a weekly basis. Do not make a protest about you, the moment we take the spotlight that protest loses its power.

  • Listen – Listen to your fellow protestors to best support them. It is their time to be heard and let’s help them however they need it. And whatever you do, do not regurgitate some sort of story to show that you know exactly how they feel, because you do not and will probably never know. None of us live the same life.

Now, like I said in the beginning, I can only speak from my viewpoint and here is my opinion on how to help correct some of this so that we do not have another name added to the list.

  • Protest in their Streets not yours –. Protest in their streets and communities, if they have to face us, then they have to talk to us. Go to the neighborhoods of your Governors, Senators and President. Simply put, think of this as a Corporation and the President as the CEO and everyone below him as VP’s, and CFO’s and such. So when it comes to your Governors, then they are shitty little Middle Managers, and really have no authority for change. Don’t waste your breathe with them. The real group you want is the CFO and the Board of Directors. Those who control the money control the outcome.

  • Become your community leaders – The clash between the community, the police, and community leaders happen because your governing groups don’t live there and do not care like you do. Start filling those jobs with people from that community who care about their neighbors. Yes, it is work but leading by example is the best way. Get those jokers out of your way!

  • Organize with other groups – This can be done peacefully if you have the numbers and start leading and organizing with other communities. The more organized and united towards a single purpose (do not comingle it with other issues, keep it simple and organized) the easier it is to stay strong and focused in the face of the opposition.

  • Collaborate not Compromise – Remember a Collaboration is where both sides win, a Compromise only one side wins. You’ve compromised enough, its time for them to collaborate with you!

At the end of the day until we can recognize each other as a fellow American and treat each other with the respect that we’d love to be given, there will be this unbalanced system. It needs to start with us and be governed by us. My theory on this also is that after a few generations here we truly become American and need to recognize that. Yeah we may keep a few of our country of origins traditions or customs, but if we were to go back and try to live there, we’d stand out as an American. At some point we have to say,

I am American.