Lessons Learned While Turning 6

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Howdy Folks,

It has been another interesting year, full of amazement, shock, forced humility at times, and just in general wonderful friends. From this year I have really gotten to deep dive down into an issue that has been bothering me and I believe Social Media brings out in good people… Entitlement.

I’m sure you would think I would see it due to clients hiring a chef to perform anything from Daily Cooking to Full on Catering and anything food related in between, however that

is not the case.

The Entitlement I am talking about actually comes from when people who in all actuality have no intentions of paying for my service get upset at something I post, and instead of being an adult an not hit the Like Icon, instead go on a rant about what a terrible person I am. Now I don’t know about you, but for me Social Media is a fun virtual play land, as in IT IS NOT REAL!

If I see something I do not agree with guess what folks, I scroll past it. I do not pull out my soap box and try to highjack the post to make someone bend to my will, so I can feel better about the waste of time I just did. I do not require an apology for seeing something I disagree with, and further more I will not expect free services from a business posting something that puts my panties in a bunch. Yes, that last one happened.

It is ridiculous what I am seeing out there. I get Non Profits that have their hands out for donations yet telling me they disapprove of something I post, meanwhile taking the donation to bring in money, and not allowing me to bid on the catering. That is disgusting! Over 5 years I have personally donated over $30,000 in Services for these groups to use to help research, schools, music programs and what not.

I’ve had groups whom I have helped over the years and thought we had built a friendship troll my posts and when it comes time for payment, they tell me they need to cut the cord because of post they found that I was tagged in years ago. The bummer here is that when partnering with other groups, it's more about the relationship than the work, so to be trolled for a freebie is really disgusting.

I’ve even been fired for not disclosing my voting choice (even though their guess was completely wrong), and dragged through the mud from common acquaintances.

And guess what folks, this all happened here in Seattle, the self-appointed Spiritual, most Liberal Believe Anything, just do right by those around you state I have ever lived. Can you say Hypocrite? I bet you can. We are surrounded by professional offenders.

So you might have noticed that I turned up the dial on Social Media showcasing a touch of humor (more than in the past), and a bit of withdraw from community programs and donations. My theory from this point on, if it offends you then Do Not Like, Engage, or even Friend my Feeds. Simply leave me alone as it’ll make us both happy, and at the end of the day that is what matters. I don’t have a bad word to say about you, nor will I try to find one, and I would appreciate the same respect back.

So on the week of my Anniversary Celebration, I thought I would go back to the archives and showcase a fun recipe I taught the folks at a retirement community I ran for a few years.

Please enjoy, Have a fantastic day, and remember we’re all doing the best we can!


Brownie in a Mug using Hot Cocoa!

One of my favorites because it is almost a perfect 1:1 ratio, so

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super easy to remember in a pinch.


¼ C Whole Milk

¼ C Hot Cocoa Powder

¼ C Ap Flour

2 Tbs Melted Butter

  1. Mix and sift the Hot Cocoa Powder and Ap Flour together and into a Microwave Safe Coffee Mug.

  2. Stir in the Milk and Melted Butter. Make sure that they Mug is NO MORE than half full.

  3. Microwave on High for about 1 minute or until mixture has doubled.

  4. Let COOL! If not you will be angry with me for attempting to eat LAVA!

  5. Top with whatever you’d like and Enjoy!