Stop following your Passion!

Folks I am sick of the word Passion and its overuse. Why must we add it to the buzz word column and give it as the main advice like the spoonful of sugar to help folks swallow the rest of their activities. Let’s look at it logically.

Passion Fades.

Don’t believe me, then look up from your electronic device and towards your significant other, whom I am going to guess is on their side of the room doing the exact same thing. Then think about the last time you engaged them (whether it be in passing, to ask a question or for other reasons), and recall if you listened to them (if so, what did they say, not you), did you look at them (what was their expression), and what was your response? I’m going to guess that most of your answer will be what you heard, what you felt and how it impacted you. See folks because you are wrapped up in your passion, you completely ignored the basics of meaningful conversation with someone. Passion is bad mkay.

Passion degrades the workforce.

So many people choosing to follow their passion do not learn the basics of the field they are trying to establish themselves in. You ever have that colleague that believes he/she/it (I hate your fluid pronouns people) is always creating something new but doesn’t understand that it has already been done. So in turn they are repeating history instead of progressing the field forward. While we gain a passionate person, we lose a subject matter expert. Personally, I’d rather have the experts on my team.

But I’m Passionate…

That’s fine. First give it a time limit and see how long you are passionate about something. You should know yourself to know when you typically forget about your new favorite toys. So set that time limit for just after the typical period.

Do not chase a career based on passion!

Unless you have learned to gracefully accept setbacks and such, choosing your career path based on passion will just aggravate you (and those around you) and may even cause you to hold contempt for your passion. Instead keep it as a hobby or an interest. Something that you can enjoy on your terms without letting it affect your day-to-day existence.

How do I bring back passion with others?

Quit making it about you. Learn to listen without interjecting or adding yourself to others story. Look at someone when they speak, and put your vices or devices (see the same root) down. And at the end of the day be genuine. You can tell when someone is actually engaged with your interaction versus going through the motions.

Chef Joe what if you followed your passion?

I’d be a Ninja Archeologist Veterinarian Hermit. Perhaps of the tunneling variety.

Now for the fun part folks. Here is the Keto Cheesecake recipe and associated TikTok.


Sous Vide Keto Cheesecake


1 ½ C Heavy Cream

36 oz Cream Cheese

1 ¼ C Monk fruit or Allulose

6 Ea Eggs – for a richer cheesecake add 2 ea Egg Yolks

3 Tbs Cassava Flour (or coconut or almond)

1 tsp Vanilla

12 Ea. 8 oz Mason Jars sprayed or prepared with coconut oil.


1) Set your water bath and Sous Vide Machine up. Set temp to 190 degrees.

2) Using a mixer and clean bowl whip your Cream to stiff peaks.

3) Using another bowl with the paddle attachment, whip your Cream Cheese and Sweetener until smooth.

4) Slowly add your Eggs to the Cream Cheese Mixture allowing it to combine before adding the next.

5) Next add in the Vanilla and Flour.

6) Once smooth, hand fold in the Cream Mixture. Combine then fill each mason jar.

7) Once jars are filled, secure the twist on lids tightly to seal so that no water gets in.

8) With your Sous vide set to 190 degrees, carefully add your mason jars and cook for 30 minutes.

9) After 30 minutes reduce to 170 degrees and cook for 1 hour more.

10) Remove from water bath and cool. I generally let them cool for about 6 or more hours.

11) Remove lid and enjoy!